– Cargo Trailers include (but are not limited to):

– Rigid: A static trailer that can be used when access is


-Flatbed: A trailer with no sides, allowing for cargo

that will not fit or cannot be easily loaded into a

standard container. This is typically used for project or

out-of-gauge cargo.

  • Tipper: A specialized chassis to lift the container up

at one end to unload loose cargo.

  • Low loader: A trailer with an adjustable deck height

allowing for the transportation of particularly tall or heavy cargo.

  • Container-lift trailer: A vehicle with equipment

capable of lifting containers on and off the trailer.

  • Genset trailer: A purpose-built trailer with its own

generating equipment designed to provide power for

refrigerated containers.

  • We also provide our customers with the necessary

guidance to determine the appropriate equipment for

the safe and secure transport of their cargo.

  • Our intermodal and transport teams around the world

will be happy to help recommend the appropriate trailer

for individual cargoes, taking into account any physical

or environmental considerations at the point of loading

or discharge.

  • Similarly, our out-of-gauge / breakbulk teams will

provide the necessary expertise to arrange the

transport of any oversized cargoes.

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