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As global trade continues to grow, the demand for shipping services remains strong, providing a stable and potentially lucrative business opportunity for Ghasa Marine Allianz.
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The shipping industry has significant scalability and growth potential. As the global economy expands and international trade increases, the demand for shipping services is likely to rise. By building a strong reputation for Ghasa Marine and providing excellent customer service in U.A.E, we had attracted more clients and secure long-term partnerships. Additionally, as our company grows, we can expand our fleet, invest in advanced technologies, and optimize our operations to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. This scalability allows us to capitalize on the growth opportunities within the shipping industry in United Arab Emirates and increase our market share.

Worldwide Service

We encompasses numerous destinations worldwide, connecting countries, ports, and inland locations to facilitate the movement of goods on a global scale.

Local Service

We cover the whole United Arab Emirates , as one of the best shipping companies in Emirates, 7 Emirates and mostly all ports, to better support our clients.

FREE Loading Plan for Sea/Land Transport

The purpose of a shipping loading plan is to ensure efficient and safe loading of goods. Surveying the cargo for many purposes:
1- Minimize the risk of damage during loading.
2- Facilitate easy unloading.
3- Consider factors such as the size and weight of the items, their fragility, any weight restrictions.

Specialized in Break Bulk & OOG/Chartering Vessels

1- Expertise in handling non-containerized goods such as heavy machinery, vehicles, and oversized items.
2- Proficiency in managing cargo that exceeds the dimensions of standard shipping containers.
3- Expertise in negotiating and arranging the charter of vessels for specific voyages or time periods.
4- Providing consultancy services to clients in optimizing their break bulk, OOG, and chartering operations.

Specialized in Sea/Air/land transport

1- Specialized in land transport, customs clearance and sea freight of ALFALFA from Egypt to the Gulf countries, weekly trips.
2- Specialized in Tower Crane movements all over the world.
3- Professional in general cargo and refrigerated products.


Best Shipping Company in Dubai

Include but not limited to: Cargo Services in Dubai – Marine Consultancy in Dubai – Custom Clearance in Dubai

Road Transport

Road transport is an integral part of the overall transportation and logistics ecosystem. It complements other modes of transport, such as rail and sea.

Ocean Freight

Transportation of goods by ships across international waters, utilizing cargo vessels to move large volumes of cargo efficiently and cost-effectively on global trade routes.

Air Freight

Transportation of goods by airplanes, providing fast and efficient delivery of cargo over long distances, making it suitable for time-sensitive shipments and high-value goods.

Vessel Chartering Services

Ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations and charter contracts, identifying suitable vessels based on cargo requirements, capacity, and destination and managing the logistics of charter operations, including loading, unloading, and stowage.


Storage and management of goods in a designated facility, providing a centralized location for inventory management, order fulfillment, and distribution, ensuring efficient supply chain operations. Expect the best storage services from Ghasa Marine Allianz.

Consultation Services

provide expert advice and guidance to businesses in the shipping industry, offering solutions and strategies to optimize logistics operations, navigate regulatory requirements, and improve overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Process of enclosing products or goods in suitable containers or materials to protect them during storage, transportation, and handling, while also serving promotional and informational purposes to attract consumers and communicate product details.

Break Bulk & OOG

Coordinating the logistics of break bulk cargo and arranging specialized equipment as needed to ensure compliance with documentation, customs, and safety. Selecting suitable equipment such as flat racks or open-top containers, adhere with regulations and obtaining necessary permits for oversized cargo.


Modern Logistic Partner

Our Vision

To be a global leader in providing innovative and sustainable shipping solutions specially in Dubai. To streamline global logistics through seamless connectivity, exceptional service, and operational excellence. Whenever you are in U.A.E looking for shipping company, contact us NOW.

Our Mission

To deliver superior customer satisfaction through efficient, reliable, and cost-effective shipping services. To contribute to global trade and economic growth by providing seamless and sustainable transportation solutions in U.A.E.

A world leading shipping and logistics company offers highly specialized

solutions for major trades and industries worldwide.

Marine Allianz is a global business engaged in the shipping and logistics

sector, delivers goods and services to local communities, customers and

international business partners. With access to an integrated global network

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Dubai and Worldwide Shipping Services

Safe shipping refers to the implementation of measures and practices to ensure the secure transportation of goods, including compliance with safety regulations, proper cargo handling, and risk management, to protect both the cargo and the individuals involved in the shipping process.

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